Microsoft Security Essentials fails AV-Test antivirus certification for the second time

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  1. Arun Kumar

    MSE IS A FAIL? What, in your opinion, is the best AV out there? I was dependent on MSE but your stats may mean I’ll hv to go for another. Comodo is not an option. That is more of an adware than AV. What else? Something that does not jam my computer resources. Already, I am having a great time managing the memory manually. 😀

  2. Bitdefender sponsored anything of AV-Test?

  3. Thanks. Downloading Avast free

  4. Syed Asrarullah

    MSE failed the certification test acc to AV-Test, though I wouldn’t oblige to the ‘MSE is a FAIL’ statement universally. Microsoft recently published an extensive review of this AV-Test antivirus certification. (

    My system runs MSE and I’ve have had a satisfactory experience with it. If looking for alternatives, Kaspersky is a great option.

  5. Arun Kumar

    Thanks for that. I too using MSE as it contains Defender plus I use MRT time to time. Kaspersky again wud be heavy on resources. Comodo, once highly, respected now seems more like an adware. 

    Right now, I have to cut down on memory usage. Installed few programs to monitor my laptop and my own performance. Any given time, there are 63 process min running with 80% RAM occupied. What alternatives exist to MSE? I’ve been using Microsoft from the days of OneCare so dint bother much to look around.

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