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Microsoft warns of fake Microsoft Security Essentials installer

Protecting your computer from malware has become a major hassle these days, with almost every software having malware-filled clones in the market. But, the irony here is that we now have a fake Microsoft Security Essentials Installer, which is essentially […]

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Microsoft Security Essentials too starts warning Windows XP users

Windows XP users may already have started seeing the pop-up message from Microsoft saying that Windows XP End of Support is on April 8th, 2014. This had alarmed some Windows XP users, who were not aware that Microsoft had pushed […]

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Microsoft Security Essentials gets a new home

Microsoft Security Essentials, the free yet powerful antivirus offering from Microsoft for Windows users, has moved. Instead of, Microsoft Security Essentials download and information will now be available on the Windows site at The new site not only […]

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Microsoft Security Essentials Celebrates First Birthday

Microsoft Security Essentials was made generally available to the public exactly one year back today. It now has over 30 million customers in 74 different countries around the world enjoying the trusted security and quiet protection that Microsoft Security Essentials […]

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Microsoft announces “Win Big with Original” security campaign

Microsoft India, in association with Times of India and Lodestar Universal has launched a security campaign to help computer users identify threats to their systems and to make their computer networks more secure using Genuine Windows 7 and Microsoft Security […]

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1.5 million Microsoft Security Essentials downloads in 1st week!

Now that Microsoft Security Essentials, the new freeware antivirus from Microsoft, is generally available to consumers in 19 countries, Microsoft has had a chance to go over the data, and there are some very interesting results. Just in the first week […]

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Microsoft Security Essentials to ship tomorrow.

Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Corp.’s new no-cost, core anti-malware service that helps protect consumers against viruses, spyware and other malicious software, will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 29. Microsoft Security Essentials, independently certified by West Coast Labs, is backed by […]

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Microsoft Security Essentials ranked No 2 out of 25!

Just how good is your AntiVirus software at detecting malware in the wild? In a study titled Most Effective Antivirus Tools Against New Malware Binaries, SRI International suggests that the Microsoft AV may actually be very good.

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Microsoft’s new Anti-Virus, Morro revealed.

Microsofts new antivirus Morro, named after a beach in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is already being tested by Microsoft employees and a trial version will be made available “soon”. Microsoft has stated that Morro would be available by the end of […]