Microsoft Security Essentials ranked No 2 out of 25!

Just how good is your AntiVirus software at detecting malware in the wild? In a study titled Most Effective Antivirus Tools Against New Malware Binaries, SRI International suggests that the Microsoft AV may actually be very good.

av comparisions

Out out 25, it has ranked the MSE AV engine at 2nd position after Sophos.

Please be aware that most antivirus vendors WILL be able to detect the malware binaries listed in the missed set, usually within a few days. Therefore you should not view an antivirus tool’s missed binaries list as a reflection of its current detection coverage. Rather, it is only a list of binaries that were missed at the time of our evaluation.”

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Where does this study rank your AV?

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  1. Pyu

    Mine ranks at no. 3 (AVG) 🙂

  2. Beowülf

    Kaspersky? Where is Kaspersky? Was it ever tested?

  3. anonymous

    This is THE age of false positives.

  4. I was a big fan of the corporate version of Symantec’s AV product for a long time – but when I moved to Vista, then Windows 7 beta, it had major issues. So much so that I switched to using Avast! on all my personal machines.

    Installing MSSE on my machines has *finally* gotten rid of a very annoying problem I used to face with W7 and UFDs – namely, that after inserting them, even if after many minutes, I could not get them removed – “something” was always using them.

    Now, I have no issues at all removing them. MSSE is on all 3 of my W7 testbeds, and to see it get ranked so highly is a bonus.

    This is the second time this year that I can say that M$ finally got it right.

    Kudos, Steve and crew.

  5. Riaan

    Forgive me for being negative, but how in the hell do you do tests like these and then not go over to the AV sites and get the newest versions?

    Does everyone live in last century? The results are skewed, don’t trust it

  6. David

    i say Microsoft Security Essentials is a crap program. My OS is Win7 ultimate 32bit.After instalation and restart my PC ,it just frezed everyting was dead , than i have to restart my pc in safe and remov it for good.
    My firewall is Zonelab but i do not think it has somthing to do whit it.

  7. Melanie

    Microsoft Security Essentials picked up viruses and malware that my ESET NOD Anti Virus didn’t. I’m super impressed – and the fact that it’s free? Kudos to you Microsoft!

  8. H C A

    In the process of cleaning an infected machine. Installed MS Security Essentials just yesterday, today it’s back with added ransomeware.

    Have now removed Security Essentials, am going to put AVG Free back on it. My own test ‘in the wild’ seems to suggest Microsoft’s little foray into Antivirus protection is lacking in one vital area: i.e. that of realtime DETECTION. 1/10

  9. H C A

    > Microsoft Security Essentials picked up viruses > and malware that my ESET NOD Anti Virus didn’t. > I’m super impressed – and the fact that it’s
    > free? Kudos to you Microsoft!

    Yeah, what you will find is most of them are false positives. It found a load on mine – mainly program ‘patches’ 😉 which I have run without a problem. Seriously, stick with NOD, I’M going to, using Security Essentials is just asking for trouble.

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