Microsoft has had a ‘Siri’ long before Apple

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  1. Brian, I agree that Siri has got more capabilities. But so will Tellme after quite some time.

    Thats my point 🙂

  2. Seriously? It’s taken Microsoft a year to make a product that can’t stand up to Apple’s Siri? Tellme is a simple command interface – Siri’s technology enables actual rudimentary conversations. But, this story is about more that what’s better.

    It’s more telling that someone has to remind people that TellMe exists. Why? Because no one knows, and fewer use Windows phones. That’s the real story.

  3. Microsoft “Tell Me?” may be in 2020. Its really funny how pathetic is Craig’s take against Siri is. Sounds like they dont have a clue what they are even talking about.

    What Microsoft currently has is command driven speech recognition, which is more like reading predefined commands from the speech reference card. Siri on other hand isnt speech recognition. Its an all new innovative feature, which is built on top of speech recognition. Siri understands natural language and responds and does almost everything you expect as action-response out of a conversation. Siri is personal. Siri learns your music library, addressbook everything, So it can interact and answer you more likely.

    Microsoft “TellMe” is a future Demonstration as of now. its always been that way for microsoft, no offense. I do love Microsoft and things they develop. but honestly i cant agree with the author here anyways, its really not honest to say that Microsoft Tell Me is “the Siri that we had before an year”. its never Siri.. it “will be” siri, when they release it (possibly) in (atleast) next version of Windows mobile OS. Siri is here now, and it works Excellently. and thats what matters.

  4. MS creates technologies and Apple buys technologies that already exist. I wonder how they would fare with legos

  5. What difference does it makes to an end user? As End user, i love quality products, I dont mind if they make them or buy them. or who makes them or buy them : )

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