Microsoft helps Bing users stay and eat healthy this new year

Microsoft has been dedicatedly improving the Bing search engine and it was only a few weeks ago that it had reported about Bing’s Holiday features. Bing also hit the headlines after it allowed users to store media items and other digital stuff from the web page separately, a feature that was later also introduced in the Chrome browser.

This time around Bing has announced new features that are aimed at helping users attain their health and fitness goals. One can simply search for health and fitness goals by querying ‘workouts’ or even ‘exercises’ and this will bring to you a selection of videos to take your pick from.

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Bing knows that getting more exercise and eating healthy are two resolutions that top nearly everyone’s lists. But that said these are also the goals that are frequently broken and most of us blame it on the lack of time. This has to lead the Bing team to create experiences that will help the users maintain their health and also adhere to the fitness resolutions. Here is how it works,

For example, if you are looking for strength-building exercises, use the filter above the carousel to narrow your results. Refine the results further based on your gender, difficulty level, the target area (arms, back, legs, etc.), focus such as cardio, flexibility, balance, or the type of equipment that you have at home (weights, Pilates ball, or even a chair).

Furthermore, you can also refine your search by using definitive terms like ‘breathing exercise’ and thus land up with the best results. You can also try to search for a Yoga pose and Bing will render a step by step instructions to help you get acquainted with the exercise.

Those of you planning to eat healthily and achieve better health Bing now renders an accurate result for search queries like ‘’foods rich in iron’ and ‘foods rich in calcium’. The result is displayed in the form of cards for easy and intuitive understanding. One can also check for the number of calories in a serving or even the measuring units for different foods. Bing App further enriches the food search experience by showing you the preparation times and the calorie counts of the recipes.

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