Microsoft to withdraw support to the Bing Box in 60 days

Microsoft will be shutting down the Bing Box available at, in 60 days, ie on April 4th, 2011.

If you continue to use this feature after April 4th, 2011, users who attempt to query in the Bing search box will be redirected to a 404 page.

Bing decided to take this step for two reasons:

  • First, the tool has not been getting a lot of use and while we have some very loyal customers on it, we believe we can provide you better alternatives in the future as we free up resources.
  • Second, the functionality available through can be replicated with the Bing search API and so it feels a bit redundant.

Webmasters and bloggers who are now using this Bing Box, now need to remove it and  move to the Bing API in order to continue to receive web or site search results from Bing.

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