Microsoft unveils Holiday Lites Test to benchmark your browser’s performance

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team brings the new themed browser Benchmark Site for Internet Explorer 11 these holidays. With the seasonal theme, this Benchmark is named ‘Holiday Lites’ and is based on the classic toy Lite Brite. It is a light box toy containing small colored plastic pegs which allows kids to create glowing shapes.


The “Holiday Lites” site uses GPU-powered HTML5 as well as other modern web technologies like CSS3, Power Efficient timers, Border-Image and Flexbox showing that the new IE browser is actually capable of providing an advanced experience as compared to other browsers on the web.

In a post on the Internet Explorer blog, Microsoft reveals that, “This demo shows how IE11 updates content incrementally rather than needing to layout and render the entire page after every DOM manipulation. It uses a broad range of technologies including HTML5, CSS3, Border-Image, Flexbox, MP3 Audio, Power Efficient timers, and more”.

Created in 1967 by Hasbro, the toy allows kids to create any art piece they want by putting in multi-colored pegs on a board that has a light in the background.

We’ve tested the new Benchmark site to test our browser’s performance. The Christmas Tree in Holiday Lites website was complete in 2.84 seconds in IE11, whereas it took more than 10 seconds in other popular browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. This proves that the new Benchmark site proves that IE11 is 30% faster than its rival web browsers.

We’d love to hear how your browser performed!

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  1. Dan

    On my “geezer” Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit dual core, Comodo Dragon (Chrome-based) completed ‘Rudolph’ in 42.66 seconds; same PC using IE 11 for Windows 7, ‘Rudolph’ completed in 7.92 seconds; don’t know if that’s due to Active X in IE better using site, or otherwise why, but in any case that’s how the two browsers I just tested worked for me. Cheers!

  2. Frank

    Really, Microsoft wrote a dumb web app that works best in IE 11. No!!!!!! Luckily the rest of the world does stuff otherwise I’d be stuck with a dumbass browser that doesn’t conform to standards (everyone elses standards). Nice try morons.

  3. Caleb

    Heh heh, looks like your browser didn’t do too well! 😀

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