Microsoft unveils HoloLens, a holographic computing platform, powered by Windows 10

Even as users rejected Google Glass project, Microsoft unveiled its HoloLens, an augmented reality project that will be released with “Windows 10 time frame”. The project is a little different from Google Glasses as the latter were restricted to viewing things on a glass monitor while the Microsoft Holo Lens promise things appearing into your visual space (or rather, extending into the air just as the 3D movies do). You can see Minesweeper blasting on your coffee table. You can see the lava flowing right in front of you. You can view the windows’ elements spread into your visual space, settling close to your eyes instead or even flying by.

Microsoft Holo lens

Microsoft HoloLens

The idea is not a recent one, according to the software giant Microsoft. It has been working with NASA on the Holographic Glasses for many years to project Microsoft into future. Microsoft said it’s working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology on the holographic technology, and the lab will use it for Mars exploration starting in July 2015.

The future of Windows is touch. Holo Lens go a step forward as the controls could be as simple as raising your hands and tapping in the air. So far, such computers were seen only in Hollywood movies. Now they are a reality, thanks to Microsoft.

The Microsoft HoloLens or Holo Glasses can be very useful. An architect can use Windows Holographic tools to showcase his art. All he has to do is to set up Windows Holographic, the name given to the system, in a way that he can move his tools over his drawings and clients wearing the holo lens can view the surroundings as if they were going through it. A trainer can use the holo glasses to showcase how dinosaurs went extinct. There is not end to creativity and the software will prove to be as useful as one wants it to be.

It is not just holograms this time even though Microsoft names it Holo Lens. It is your own vision combined with glasses that project things into your view. It is augmented reality that brings up things live and which can be explored using just your fingers. Microsoft’s Nadella had earlier said Windows is world’s future and he sure has it as his priority, looking at the way Microsoft is future oriented compared to what it was a decade ago. You can read more about HoloLens at Microsoft.

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