Microsoft wants your ideas for a Windows 10 Universal HoloLens app

Microsoft wants to make HoloLens the next best thing, but it seems the company is running out of ideas because it recently came up with a system where it is asking interested folks to share ideas.

The company stated that interested parties should come up with their ideas soon because the competition’s deadline is on January 11, 2016. Furthermore, only the best three ideas will be taken, and then all three will be subjected to a vote on Twitter to determine which idea is the best.

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Windows 10 Universal HoloLens app ideas

As it stands, it appears the company is only making moves to implement a single idea, but there might be room to apply all three if they are all worth the time and effort.

Microsoft said the winner would be given the opportunity to contribute to weekly build reviews, answering questions regarding the app among other important things.

Another thing the software giant was sure to point out is that it will make sure the app is universal, which means it should work with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and HoloLens.

For those who are not good at coming up with great ideas, maybe you can spot an idea for an app that is out of this world. Microsoft has made it possible for anyone to comment on submitted ideas via its website. Moreover, the ability is there to vote for your favorite ideas in hopes that it will become number one.

We’ve checked on the ideas available, and so far, there are a few good ones. We like the idea of using HoloLens to explore the universe, and the other that is all about allowing Cortana to stand in front of the user.

All good ideas, but if we had to choose, we’d go for the one called, “Hud for Driving.” Basically, the author wants HoloLens to create an overlay on roads to provide routes and current speed. He also said it could tap into Cortana to tell when the user in driving, and as such, calls and texts would be automatically blocked.

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