Microsoft accidentally reveals Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date

Today, Microsoft accidentally revealed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date – August 2nd. While the company had already confirmed during the Build conference that the update would arrive in Summer 2016, there was no official confirmation on the date.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed this date.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date

Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date


Until today, it was widely expected that this first big Windows 10 update would be released on July 29, the same day when the free upgrade offer ends. However, as per an accidental release from the company, the update would arrive on August 2nd.

Microsoft’s News Center Headline reads,

“Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2”

Interestingly, the headline was all that one could get access to and there was no content published with the announcement. The article was later removed by the company and the article it was linked to shows a 404 error message – “Oops! that page can’t be found”.

Windows 10 completes one-year anniversary on July 29th

While many predicted that July 29th would be the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date as logically Windows 10 marks its 1st year anniversary on this day only, it looks that Microsoft will miss this date and August 2 (Tuesday) will be the release date.

Microsoft is expected to announce several new features in Windows 10 on Anniversary Update that includes revamped Start menu, Support for extensions in Edge, Windows Ink, Linux Bash support, Cortana upgrade and much more.

For the starters, the Anniversary Update will be free to everyone with Windows 10. In case you are updating from older versions of Windows, you are likely to pay $119 for a full install. Hence, in case you have been still delaying the update for some or the other reason until now, it’s time to upgrade.


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