Microsoft partners with Movivio to launch a free Internet initiative

Billions of people worldwide will soon get an affordable access to the internet, thanks to Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative. The plan is to help people worldwide with an affordable access to the Internet – and Movivio has recently joined the mission.

With an aim to precede their Affordable Internet Access Initiative, Microsoft is partnering with Startups focusing on technology. The company by far has awarded grants to 12 startups including Movivio. Founded by Alasdair Chesney, Movivio App helps users earn free airtime and top up their mobile phone for free. Users just need to complete some surveys and earn credits which can further be converted into free mobile data.Technology-6

As per a recent survey, 91% of people in South Africa are using the mobile phone, but only 43% of them are using internet – unaffordability being the reason. Similar are the stats in countries like Malaysia, Tunisia, Kenya and Indonesia.

The Movivio App is integrated with telecom companies worldwide to provide free internet to as many people as possible. Leading businesses pay Movivio to place the surveys on their app which is further used provide free mobile data to the needy users.

Talking about the Affordable Internet Initiative Access Chesney says, “Mobile data is much more expensive in emerging markets than the UK. With our help, people in these countries are using the internet much more than they normally would.”

While Movivio is the 12th Company to join hands with Microsoft, other companies include-

  1. Zaya Learning Labs (India);
  2. Kelase (Indonesia),
  3. com (Argentina),
  4. VistaBotswana (Botswana);
  5. African Renewable Energy Distributor (Rwanda)
  6. New Sun Road (Uganda);
  7. AirJaldi (India),
  8. Axiom Technologies (US),
  9. C3: Communications Consulting Centre (Malawi),
  10. Ekovolt (Nigeria) and
  11. WiFi Interactive Network (Philippines).

Peggy Johnson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Business Development, said in a statement, “With more than half of the world’s population lacking access to the Internet, connectivity is a global challenge that demands creative problem solving. By using technology that’s available now and partnering with local entrepreneurs who understand the needs of their communities, our hope is to create sustainable solutions that will not only have impact today but also in the years to come.”

Microsoft has been investing in such commercial partnership with small businesses which can provide affordable broadband services. The Company is still looking for such partners and is having a goal of investing $1 billion in next three years.

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