Mozilla delays Metro-Style Firefox app for Windows 8 till March 18

Those of you who are waiting for Mozilla’s Modern UI based version of Firefox for Windows 8 any time soon, we are afraid there is a bad news for you. Mozilla has just announced that it will be rolling out the supposed version on March 18th this year. The Metro styled web-browser was first announced by Firefox back in 2012, and was supposed to be arriving last December.

Mozilla Aurora

Although Windows 8.1 (also Windows 8) does provide support to all the popular web-browsers, only Internet Explorer utilizes the Metro-based style, a key feature of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Firefox Aurora release date

It’s been very long since Mozilla has had kept its users waiting. Although it has confirmed that there is no final version coming very soon, you can download the Preview version of “Aurora”, a browser which sports a lot of features like support for 3D graphics, HTML5 videos and JavaScript for Metro-based interface, from the Nightly, the beta channel of Mozilla. Since it hasn’t moved out of Nightly channel, it is important for you to understand that the browser might turn unstable at times, or may not work like it should be. So we would advice you not to do any critically important task with it.

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