MSN Visualizer, an HTML5 based music player website, launched

MSN UK has quietly launched a new web-based music player designed by Hinderling Volkart AG. The website lets you browse photos from Flickr and listen to music at the same time.

You have to select a song and let it buffer. Once done, you can enjoy the song in the browser itself. The website uses song lyrics and Flickr to create music videos for a selection of 47 songs.

Visualizer by MSN plays 47 songs and shows millions of pictures. The lyrics with a total of over 11000 words explore Flickr as tags for images, the dynamic selection within the search results happens randomly. Each time a song is being played, Visualizer creates a completely new and unique video clip.

Enjoy it and use it …Write your own words, play it with a random song and send the sounding message to your friends. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s highly personal!

MSN Visualizer recommends that you use Internet Explorer 9 to visit it.

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    A wonderful site. Tank, a lot of tanks.

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