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Bing Image Search Integrated To Sway

It’s been a while since Microsoft announced Sway as its interactive presentation app which helps users create and share their web-based expressions and ideas straightaway using images, text, videos etc. Expanding their list of built-in sources the company today announced […]

Clip Art

Microsoft ends support to Clip Art

Clip Art is officially closed on Office products! Yes, you read right. Microsoft announced that it is ending support of Clip Art in Microsoft Office products. Effectively, it means that from here on if you are looking to find online […]

Microsoft talks of Automatic Image Captioning software system

The Microsoft Research Team has always been known for its inventive applications and a very innovative piece of software is soon to be added in its lineup. The team is busy developing an Automatic Image Captioning Software system these days. […]

JPG Images to be displayed up to 45% faster in Internet Explorer 11

New enhancements made to Internet Explorer 11 should cheer up long time Internet Explorer users. The powerful browser now claims to have introduced a new image decoding pipeline that greatly increases the speed of loading JPG images from websites. JPG […]

Bing’s Hometown Photo Contest: Your Photo Can Be Next Home Page Image

Microsoft’s search engine Bing brings an interesting “Hometown Homepage Photo Contest” for photographers on this World Photography Day. The winning picture will be showcased on the Bing homepage on October 1 along with the picture of the photographer. The winner […]

The Windows Phone Photo Challenge is back with new theme – Love

The Windows Phone Photo Challenge is back for the month of February with a new theme: LOVE (no surprise). Keeping in mind the lovey-dovey atmosphere around Valentine’s Day, this month’s theme revolves around capturing a photo through your Windows Phone […]

Bing introduces new search design for image results

Bing, the search engine from Microsoft is upping its ante by introducing a host of new features and changes in the User Interface, web portal etc. from time to time. From today, Bing has rolled out a new experience for […]

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Instagram does a U-turn, says “We wont sell your photos”

In an effort to soothe the emerging frustration and anger over its recent terms of use agreement update, Instagram has done a U-turn and now says that it won’t be selling any of the uploaded photos to any businesses. In a blogpost earlier […]

Twitter partners with Aviary to provide Photo Filters

Recently we have seen  that Instagram had disabled photo integration in Twitter. Twitter has been quick to react to this. They have announced its own photo filters feature. Now you will be able to edit and add filters to photos, […]

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MSN Visualizer, an HTML5 based music player website, launched

MSN UK has quietly launched a new web-based music player designed by Hinderling Volkart AG. The website lets you browse photos from Flickr and listen to music at the same time. You have to select a song and let it buffer. Once […]

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Google to shutdown popular Piknik and 5 other services

Google has officially announced that its very popular online image editing service Picnik is being shut down with effect from 19th April, 2012. Along with Piknik, it will also be closing several other services and products like GMC, Social Graph API, Needlebase, […]

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Facebook launches 3 new features for Photos

Facebook has introduced 3 new features for photos. It has got a higher resolution of images where we can store bigger pictures. It has gone from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels for photos, a new viewer for browsing photos and […]

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WebP, a new image format from Google

As a new initiative from Google to make the web faster, they have introduced many tools like Page Speed etc. Now to make the web appearance look stylish, they have come up with the new image format for the web […]

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Google Images presents a new way to surf the visual web

Google is rolling out an update to Google Images to match the scope and beauty of this fast-growing visual web, and to bring to the surface some of the powerful technology behind Images.

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Get set for Bing’s Earth Day Photo Contest!

The Bing homepage helps people explore and learn about the world every day. Microsoft is giving students across the country the opportunity to win great prizes for themselves and their school, and help educate others too.