JPG Images to be displayed up to 45% faster in Internet Explorer 11

New enhancements made to Internet Explorer 11 should cheer up long time Internet Explorer users. The powerful browser now claims to have introduced a new image decoding pipeline that greatly increases the speed of loading JPG images from websites.

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JPG Images up to 45% faster in Internet Explorer 11

The Internet Explorer Blog reported,

Internet Explorer 11 and Windows Store Apps on Windows 8.1 offload parts of the image decoding pipeline to the graphics hardware, resulting in up to 45% faster image load, up to 40% lower memory consumption, and improved battery life. Images on average account for the most bytes downloaded on the Web today. To improve the performance of loading JPG images, IE11 has streamlined its JPG decoding by moving some steps of the decoding process directly to the GPU where it can be done significantly faster and in parallel.

To be precise, Microsoft claims that its fast and fluid browser – Internet Explorer 11 would use hardware more efficiently to decode JPG images, while also improving the power consumption and battery life of your machine in use. The gains from the new image decoding method will help Microsoft further promote use of IE 11 among users preferring Chrome over IE.


Technical details on how JPG files are normally encoded, starting from RGB (red, green and blue) color components to the YCbCr color space is explained via an image of Grand Tetons Mountains and adjoining barn here.

In my opinion, Windows 8.1 launch date is just around the corner so may be Microsoft has begun promoting some of the improvements in IE 11 on the sidelines of it.

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