Twitter partners with Aviary to provide Photo Filters

Recently we have seen  that Instagram had disabled photo integration in Twitter. Twitter has been quick to react to this. They have announced its own photo filters feature. Now you will be able to edit and add filters to photos, right from Twitter. At present new version of Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android is providing few new ways to enhance the images you tweet. Twitter has partnered with for providing these filters and effects.

Twitter now provides options to edit and enhance a photo  as you can see 3 icons below the image:


Various Filters available for a photo in a Single grid view:


Twitter is now providing the following effects and filters:

  • Filters: To add a new look and feel to a photo , twitter provides 8 filters like Black&White,Vintage etc
  • Bird’s eye view: In a single grid view, you can see how each filter would affect your photo.
  • Frame and Crop: To focus attention , you can crop and pinch to zoom.
  • Auto-enhance: Just tap the wand icon to enhance the photo for balanced light and color.

Although its been said that the latest version of Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android provides these Twitter Photo Filter feature, I have tried the iPhone app, and find that it’s still not available on the latest version dated 15th Nov. So we may soon see the latest one. Please tell us your experience if you are seeing it in Android or not?

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