New MySpace Launches With Justin Timberlake’s First Single “Suit & Tie”

After being for so long in beta mode, MySpace is finally accessible for public. New MySpace has come with a completely redesigned layout. With the big announcement by Facebook, MySpace has also come up today with its all-new and revamped website. They have used Justin Timberlake’s first singe “Suit &Tie” as a captivating promotional tool, though it might be tough for MySpace to attract the media and audience busy in Facebook announcement. The track “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z is exclusively streamed on the restructured MySpace.

MySpace has debatably been the biggest flop in social media industry. Justin Timberlake’s involvement as an investor and refurbished music based theme may or may not bring MySpace into mainstream, but the new look and improved features might definitely bring good for the website. Right from the sign up/log in page to the music based UI; the entire layout of MySpace is appealing.

Here are the key features added in the new MySpace-


Attractive and Different Design

“Too good”!!Yes that’s the word for the new design of MySpace. Rarely seen horizontal navigation, huge flamboyant images and slick JavaScript execution make the design very appealing. The small navigation window on top left corner gives it an ingenious look. The new design looks striking on tablets giving it a fresher and stylish feel.

Horizontal User Interface

Seems like MySpace has taken some idea from the tiles interface from Windows 8, thus the new layout comes with a horizontal UI and not the usual vertical style.

Audio Player

While the older interface also had a streaming music player, but based on musical theme new MySpace has the audio player available at the bottom of the screen always. Users can now create their own playlist via Radio feature and further share it with their friends.

Cover Photo

This is although a ripped off feature from other social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and G+ but the cover photo here is huge with minimum 1024×768 pixels occupying almost the entire screen of your profile page.

People and Connections

MySpace build connections rather than adding friends. When you follow a person in MySpace, they will add on to your connection rather than being a friend. Users can add artists, people or even entire band. Subscribing the artists there will bring their updates on your home screen.

New Search

Amazing full page search is also added to the new look of MySpace. Users can search anything right from their home screen. Providing an easier navigation, the search box provides expanded results right from the albums, songs, artists, videos and mixes.

With all these features, mixes, events and photos MySpace would be a perfect landing page for musicians and entertainers. 

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