Bing ads introduces the Bing Network for advertising

Now advertisers across the globe have more options for advertising their products and services. Microsoft today introduced the new Bing Network. Bing announced the launch of this platform via a blog post.

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The new Bing Network

Stephen Sirich from Bing mentions in his post,

“Today, I’d like to introduce you to the new Bing Network. At Bing, we’re building a platform that gives people “knowledge for doing” in a more natural, predictive and personal way. It’s the intelligence that spans not just across Microsoft products but across platforms and across partners. Bing Network connects you to the moments that matter by being in the products people use every day.”

Microsoft believes in empowering every person and every organization to achieve more. And Bing ads is yet another medium to achieve this. As Microsoft puts it, it is the right tool for anyone to achieve anything. Stephen further mentions in his blog,

“With the transition of all U.S. accounts (and with them, people and account management) from Yahoo to Bing, the Bing Network also represents an expanded network of partners, including AOL, Wall Street Journal and more, adding more searches and clicks to the network every day.”

What makes Bing ads so special

The new platform from Bing consolidated several features.

  1. Possible to reach to more audience that ever before: The biggest advantage of this platform is the number of users it hold. More than 60 millions people across the globe use Bing for searching and that makes a quarter of clicks. Hence, it is possible to reach to out to more audience with Bing ads.
  2. Making relevant connection: Microsoft has built campaign management tools, like the Bing Ads iOS and Android apps, and a soon-to-be-introduced Bing Ads Editor for Mac. Microsoft has also introduced Bing Shopping and Automated Rules to make it easier to buy on their platform. So basically, this platform will help you make better connections
  3. An innovative and unique platform: Microsoft calls its Bing platform as the most effective and unique platform for gathering more eyeballs. Microsoft points out its uniqueness with Bing’s intelligence powering some of Microsoft’s most exciting innovations, from Cortana to voice search in Xbox One, and from the search experience in Windows 10 (which is already on more than 200 million devices) to searching directly in Office.
  4. Be there: This is the motto of Bing for its new advertising platform . Bing Network is where you want to be when consumers are making decisions.

Bing Ads offers a lot of great features!

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  1. Swetta Balldip

    The big ‘Bing’ advertising machine… yet Microsoft still can’t make a decent piece of software. Gotta love it…

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