New WhatsApp update adds GIF and OneDrive backup support

WhatsApp has gotten a lot better with the latest update for Windows Phone devices. This app has come a long way, and we’re happy to say this is probably the best update yet. The update brings to the table several features that were first introduced in the WhatsApp beta app. Some of these features were only released to the beta version of the app not too long ago, so we’re surprised they have come to the stable version so quickly.

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WhatsApp adds GIF and OneDrive backup support

The WhatsApp team is definitely doing a great job on the Windows Phone front, and we hope it continues.

Now, let’s talk about the actual features at hand here. The most significant feature is the ability to upload content to OneDrive. If you’re a person will a lot of WhatsApp messages that you wish not to lose, then this is indeed a great feature to have. Before, there was no way to backup messages.

Whenever messages are backed up to OneDrive, they can be restored at whenever the time the user pleases.

Outside of OneDrive backup, the new update finally brings support for GIFs. Android and iOS users have been sending and receiving GIFs for quite a long time.

It should be noted that the app doesn’t allow for the sending of pre-created GIFs. You’ll need a video, once that’s in place, use WhatsApp to crop it to 6-seconds or less, then send it off as a GIF.

Another new addition to WhatsApp for Windows Phone, is a new set of emojis. They come from iOS 10, and to be honest, the default Windows 10 emojis are much better.

Strangely enough, however, WhatsApp uses the iOS 10 emojis across all platforms, which is a bit of an annoyance.

Download the new WhatsApp directly from the Windows Store.

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