Latest Whatsapp news.

WhatsApp adds Video Call Support to Windows Mobile, iOS, Android

WhatsApp video calling is now available for Windows mobile, iOS, and Android devices. After being rumored and tested for long, the most anticipated feature of Video Calling is finally launched for its users across the popular platforms. Announcing the latest […]

New WhatsApp update adds GIF and OneDrive backup support

WhatsApp has gotten a lot better with the latest update for Windows Phone devices. This app has come a long way, and we’re happy to say this is probably the best update yet. The update brings to the table several […]

Latest WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone has a new camera shortcut

It’s finally some good news for Windows Phone users who love to use WhatsApp. The latest WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has brought in the much-awaited camera icon that allows quick sharing of photos and videos from your gallery. The […]

WhatsApp for Windows desktop is now available

Now you have a new way to use WhatsApp. A desktop app has been introduced by WhatsApp. With this, whether you are on phone or computer, you can stay in touch. Just like WhatsApp web , the desktop app is […]


WhatsApp messages are now entirely encrypted

All your WhatsApp communications and data are now fully end-to-end encrypted, says WhatsApp. After more than a yearlong signal protocol integration, WhatsApp finally has announced that all your messages, calls, photos, videos are completely encrypted end-to-end. WhatsApp messages encrypted WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp Calling on Windows Phone now available for all

Popular cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp has now rolled out voice calling feature for its Windows Phone client. The recent update to WhatsApp app on Windows Phone store read, WHATSAPP CALLING: Call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free, even if […]

WhatsApp calling for iPhone arrives

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messenger has updated its iOS application with voice calling feature. The calling feature update was first released yesterday (21 April 2015). Earlier this year, CEO of WhatsApp announced about WhatsApp getting calling feature in CES 2015 event. […]

Now you can backup WhatsApp Chats on Google Drive

A new version of WhatsApp client 2.12.45 now enables one to backup  and restore their WhatsApp chat conversations on Google Drive. WhatsApp is a popular messaging service in India and the rest of the world with over 800,000,000 monthly active […]

Fake WhatsApp Calling feature Invites and scams continue to spread

Taking advantage of the latency in rollout of the voice calling feature on WhatsApp, spammers and greedy marketers have come up with an innovative idea to spread fake WhatsApp messages. The fake Whatsapp calling feature invites, which looks like the […]


WhatsApp calling feature coming to Windows Phone

If you are using WhatsApp on your Windows Phones, then get ready to enjoy the experience of making phone calls on a go via your favorite instant messaging space. The WhatsApp calling feature is expected to come soon to Windows […]


Facebook to buy WhatsApp messaging service for a whopping $19 billion

A move that can be termed as surprising, if not shocking, Facebook Inc announced on Wednesday afternoon that it was acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion in stock and cash. WhatsApp is a world leader in mobile messaging over the internet […]

Instant messaging service WhatsApp now has 350 million active users

October 22nd 2013 was a historic day in technology as it witnessed two game changing companies Apple and Nokia showcase some of the best and intuitive and innovative gadgets. But it wasn’t all about gadgets, though. At the Nokia event, […]

WhatsApp for iOS is free for limited time

WhatsApp Messenger as every one knows it is a cross-platform messaging service that allows you to send messages, photos, audio notes over the internet. With its multi-platform support, WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing messaging service. The company has […]