Office for Mac adds support for new Touch Bar features

Microsoft and Apple might be at loggerheads when it comes to the new Surface Book and the MacBook Pro, but that doesn’t mean that Office for Mac will not get the new features. In fact, Office for Mac was one of the first third-party apps to support Apple’s new Touch Bar. The folks at Microsoft say that they are “continually evolving Office to take advantage of the latest and greatest hardware innovations across the industry.” The Touch Bar will now display the most common commands which are based on the document you are currently using.

Office for Mac gets Touch Bar support

Office for Mac gets Touch Bar support

Let’s see how the Touch Bar has been designed for the different Office Products:


The Touch Bar will now let you switch to Word Focus Mode which is a new feature that will hide all the on-screen ribbons and commands so that you can maintain a laser focus on work. Furthermore, One can access a bunch of commonly used commands with a single tap without the need to hover around on UI.


The Touch Bar feature will allow one to easily toggle and manage the settings when it comes to the graphic elements. One can access the graphical map of the layers at the side, and this is something that will help you move it where you desire. Sliding fingers around the touch bar will also let you rotate an object to achieve the required angle.


It’s now easy to fetch the most recently used formulas in the Excel sheet. Summing a range in Spreadsheet can simply be done by taping for formula and the range. Borders, cell colors and recommend charts are also more accessible.


Well if you are the one who spends a lot of your time working on the Outlook the new quick access Touch Bar features will come as a great relief. While composing a new mail the touch bar displays a list of recent documents, and you can attach them directly, also, the touch bar will let you join a Skype for Business meeting.


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