Free version of OneNote 2013 for PC gets updated with new features

We use OneNote in our mobiles, desktops and in every smart device to take notes, create tasks and many more. We can access it anytime from anywhere. We even share notes with family, friends and also colleagues. Last year Microsoft announced OneNote 2013 as a full-featured Windows Desktop Software and the response was very good from the users. We are also able to create and share notes and search notes instantly.


In the previous editions there were some restrictions in the free versions, but Microsoft has removed those restrictions completely.

Today we’re happy to share that we’re adding even more to the free edition. We’re removing all feature restrictions from OneNote 2013. Starting today you’ll be able to access the full power of OneNote on your PC, including these features previously reserved for paid editions, said Microsoft.

Below are the features of OneNote 2013 available for free which were only available for paid versions before,

  • Password protected sections – Now, you can password protect a section. This helps you to add to a particular section to secure your sensitive information.
  • Page history – We make many changes to a single page or notes. This feature allows you to see the history of changes you have made.
  • Audio and Video recording – OneNote 2013 now allows you to take notes through audio and video recording for free.
  • Audio search – Now, you can search for a particular word which is present in voice or video recording. This is really interesting!
  • Embedded files – You can insert office and other documents directly in to your notebook for free.

This free edition of OneNote 2013 for PC allows you to store your notes only on One Drive and you still need to use the paid version of OneNote 2013, if you want to save your notes in local or other networks. Anyways, with the free Microsoft Account, you will get 15 GB free space on One Drive and there is no limitation to number of notes you create/sync to your One Drive account.

Download OneNote 2013 free edition for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and get started!

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