OneNote for Windows gets OCR feature to let you scan images for text

One of the most popular Microsoft product, OneNote received another major update recently. The update integrates OneNote app with Windows 8.1 to use Share Charm and other features of Microsoft’s latest OS enhance and uplift the general functionality of this note-taking app.


The update makes the app and whole note taking experience more collaborative with the device’s built-in apps. It also lets you scan things with your camera, and displays page previews for your recent notes.

The Share Charm lets you share anything you see on your device. The other feature, Camera Scan lets you take snapshots of magazines, notice boards, white boards, documents, automatically fixes its orientation and color balance. This way you will be able to capture notes, and anything interesting you read, and save it on your OneNote account, and access it across platforms.

The OCR technology lets you detect and search the text content of image files. This feature compliments the Camera Scan functionality and adds value to it.

No matter which device or OS you were using OneNote on, all the clients automatically sync to get you the most recent files on the top. The Preview feature lets you sneak peek into the content inside the file, without even opening it.

The device detects the pen input of your tablet and recognizes your handwriting. Another major addition to the app is ability to view things in Full Screen.

You may download the latest version of the app from its official website.

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