Opening a Locky Ransomware infected Word document can lock all your other files

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  1. Why does Word has macro support on such level that can run any desired code? A document in first place is data, not code. And even if some macro functionality would help to do stuff it should be sandboxed fully.

  2. This just happened to me. I thought I was getting a scanned document from a client but it was the Locky ransom virus. It locked up all of my MS Word documents. It affected my other Microsoft files too. I had to delete several hundred files and try to see if I had most of the docs in another format. They want you to pay via bitcoin so it will be untraceable. This occurred even though my antivirus said not viruses.

  3. I agree with all of you guys. They should be hunted down and tortured. Again, Microsoft ignores it’s users safety and to add to Vladislav’s point, it makes no sense to me that code can be run from Word and Microsoft is not doing much to prevent it. I have said this many times; if I can find a workable alternative to Outlook, I would throw out Microsoft Office into the street. Office 2016 is buggy and total junk.

  4. Macro’s in Office help many like us to issue a bunch of commands to accomplish a task automatically. That it has the potential to get misused is different. These are disabled by Microsoft by default.

  5. The Board of Directors should fire Satya. He has no clue about what he is doing and is a bumbling idiot.

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