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Microsoft patches critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Office & IE

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2015 has been released and it includes critical patches that fix many critical security vulnerabilities in Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Office, and IE. The official blog shows a table summarizing the security bulletins for this […]

Microsoft Word Intruder: Malware with a difference

The programs used to create malicious documents that exploit vulnerabilities in Office applications such as Word are now being advertised in underground forums. One such new tool that has recently come up offers the ability to track the effectiveness of […]

Build 2015

BUILD 2015 – Microsoft’s biggest announcements so far

The eyes of the whole world are eagerly looking at the BUILD 2015 and the announcements made in that by Microsoft. May 1st, 2015 is the last day of this annual developer’s conference taking place in San Francisco. The conference […]

Apple aims to pull away Microsoft Office customers with free iWork

There are plenty of alternatives for Microsoft Office such as Polaris Office, Google’s own Quick Office, Google Docs, and ThinkFree office. All of these alternatives are cloud based except for Polaris. Both Quick Office and Google Docs integrate into Google […]

Free Microsoft for Washington County Public Schools

The council sets standards for primary education across the county. While it was already using Microsoft software in its physical office, now Microsoft has announced that it will give free software to schools coming under the wings of Washington County […]

Boards introduced in Office Delve

Office Delve, the highly efficient tool for Microsoft Office 365, has donned one more feature called as Boards. With Office Delve Boards, you can organize the content and view required content as and when required. Office Delve is used for […]