Opera Mini to be the default browser for low-end Microsoft phones

According to latest news from Microsoft, Opera Mini will be the default browser for Nokia Asha and existing Nokia phones in the market. In a deal inked between Opera and Microsoft, mobile phones running on Symbian Series 30+, 40 and Asha users will be asked to upgrade to the latest version of Opera by Xpress also the upcoming mobile phones will have Opera Mini as pre-installed default browser.

opera-mini-microsoftOpera Mini  is used by 250 million user worldwide among them 100 million are Android users. It uses a unique compression technology which improves page load time hence reduces data consumption. In a long run, user will be benefited from the browser as it cuts data cost up to 90% before streaming to the user.

Rich Bernardo, head of legacy business, Phones, Microsoft said “We continue to sell and support classic first and feature phones as well as the Asha range, which have performed well with millions of people who want new mobile experiences at lower price points,” “The agreement with Opera will enable us to provide continuity of service as we transition from Xpress Browser to Opera Mini.”

The phone launched by Microsoft and Asha are popular among users as they are affordable, user friendly, offers easy browsing capability in one device because of this reason Microsoft is offering new features to it.

Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software said “This is a great opportunity to spread the benefits of Opera Mini to millions more consumers in our core markets. There are still massive numbers of people who have not moved to smartphones, but Opera Mini can provide them with an amazing browsing experience right now,”

Opera browser is available for different platform like  Windows, Linux,Android etc.  350 million user prefer Opera  Mini to connect to the internet. Opera & Microsoft agreement will bring more profit for the company. From the beginning of the deal, Opera share prices rises up to 6.5%.

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