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crypto currency mining protection in opera

Opera 50 comes with Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining feature

Opera 50 will come with a useful Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining feature named NoCoin. The feature, as the name suggests prevents Cryptojacking. While the latest build Opera 50 comes with some other good features like extended VR360 support for Chromecast and Oculus […]


Acquisition of Opera by Chinese consortium is now complete

Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner Opera browser co-founder and now founder of the feature-rich Vivaldi browser in a personal interview with us confirmed that the takeover of Opera software by a Chinese consortium consisting of Kunlun Tech, Qihoo 360 Security and […]


Opera 37 will not be available for Windows XP and Vista users

Opera’s latest version seems to herald with some major decisions about the Windows version support and according to folks from Opera they have not included the changes in the change log. After Chrome recently cut off the support for Windows […]


Chinese company to probably buy Opera software

Opera software recently got a buyout offer of $1.2 billion from internet focused Chinese consortium which includes Kunlun Tech, Qihoo 360, and some investment firms including Yonglian. Qihoo is one of the most notable internet firms of China and Kunlun […]

Opera Mini for Windows Phone

Opera Mini for Windows Phone updated

Opera for Mobile is no longer a web browser most view as relevant in the smartphone world, but that is not stopping Opera Software from releasing updates, especially for Windows Phone devices. Opera Mini for Windows Phone The new update […]


Opera reveals its journey to branding its new logo ”O”

Opera Software (changed to Opera now) came with up 2 major announcements on its web browser this week.  First, it was the release of Opera 33, the new improved web browser for desktops, second the launch of the re-designed “O”, […]

Opera 29 introduces tab synchronization

The new version of Opera – Opera 29 has been released for Windows. The latest version brings significant improvements including added support for more mouse gestures, the addition of a History button to the Speed Dial and other start pages, […]

Opera Mini for Windows Phone gets a revamped design

Opera Software surprised its users by announcing a major update to its much criticised Windows Phone app – Opera Mini. The new update brings a major overhaul in the design and aesthetic aspects of the app. The look and feel […]

Opera buys SurfEasy, a VPN & Privacy company

Opera, the software company today acquired SurfEasy, the Toronto-based company, known for its easy-to-use VPN security services. The upcoming versions of Opera web browser will come with the VPN features and an added layer of encryption helping users to protect […]

Opera 25 gets Visual Bookmarks

If you are an avid internet user and constantly open new tabs to visit bookmarked sites, the new and refurbished Opera 25 will surely entice you. The new and restyled version of Opera web browser now brings the large visual […]


Opera Mini to be the default browser for low-end Microsoft phones

According to latest news from Microsoft, Opera Mini will be the default browser for Nokia Asha and existing Nokia phones in the market. In a deal inked between Opera and Microsoft, mobile phones running on Symbian Series 30+, 40 and […]

Opera 22

Opera 22 introduces new themes and silent updates

As per reportsdated March 2014, Opera is the 4th most popular web browser in the world. Recently Opera 22 was launched for Mac and Windows. The makers of Opera browser say that Opera 22 is, “A safe and highly compatible […]

Aura-powered Opera 21 released for Windows

The latest version of Opera desktop browser for Windows and Mac machines has been released today. The major highlight of Opera 21 is added support for Aura. ‘Aura’ provides a hardware-accelerated browsing experience with a faster feel and smoother animations. Opera […]


Updated Opera browser will block Heartbleed vulnerabilities

It seems all browsers have decided to tackle the biggest heartache of the online world – Heartbleed, the new-found OpenSSL bug! Opera web browser is all set to fight this bug that has caused worry for all internet-based commercial as well […]

Opera Next 19 introduces new Advanced Settings

Like most of the web browser Opera Next wants to make your internet experience as easy and convenient as possible. Opera, the web browser already boasts many cool features, but it’s just got a few more advanced settings in its […]

Opera Next 17 released & available for download

After moving to the stable phase, Opera 17 is now available for download and testing by a large group of users. The new version that boasts more settings and preference options like startup handling options, manage search engines and others is ready […]

Opera 16 released – New features

Despite innovations and added new features, users complained Opera lacked many UI features that restrained them from choosing Opera in the first place. However, the Norwegian browser developer claims to have worked upon such odds only to make the browser […]

opera 17 developer

Opera 17 First Developer Version Released

The first developer version of the Opera browser, Opera 17 Developer has finally been released with a few bug fixes and a handful of new features. Downloadable from the Opera Desktop Team website this developer stream brings several requested features […]

Opera 15 released – New features and Rendering Engine

After being in its Beta Stage for about a month, the new Chrome-based Opera is now available to download at Opera 15 will not replace Classic Opera 12 as the Company is still working on its stability patches. Opera […]

Internet Explorer 10 beats Chrome, Firefox, Opera at blocking malware

Yet another study has shown that Internet Explorer 10 beats its competitors when it comes to blocking malware. NSS Labs compared the built-in protection capabilities of Internet Explorer 10 with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers and concluded that […]

Opera to donate INR 5 to Indian charity for every Opera Mini downloaded

Opera has launched a social initiative in India, where it has pledged to donate INR 5 for every Opera Mini browser downloaded, during the next three months. This initiative has been named “Smile with Opera Mini” and has been launched […]

Opera to use WebKit rendering engine & V8 JavaScript engine

Opera in a surprising announcement made it clear that it is going to transition to the WebKit platform, taking its 300 million plus users with it. Beginning from today, Opera is planning to change things a bit. The browser maker […]

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Opera happy with Microsoft ballot screen; but gets greedy!

Opera Software, the Norwegian browser maker that sparked an antitrust investigation into Microsoft’s European business practices, said it is “very happy” with Microsoft’s offer to provide users a choice of browsers, but says now the deal should be extended worldwide.