Opera Mini for Windows Phone gets a revamped design

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Chethan Thimmappa is a technology blogger and a mobile app developer. His areas of interests lies in Windows, Windows Phone, Cross-Platform App development and End-user design paradigms. He is passionate about cars and bikes.


  1. Arun Kumar

    Opera Mini was my favorite browser as long as I used ZTE phone. It came built in and at that time, since it was a javaphone, I did not have many options. Now too, though I have options on my LG L5, I prefer Opera to other browsers. I have disabled the default one. I tried others including Chrome and Firefox but they were using up much battery and chrome’s performance was pathetic. I simply removed them both and installed Opera. For laptop however, firefox is the favorite, followed by IE. For some reason, Chrome has become very slow on laptop too. I just cannot use it.

  2. Ankit Gupta

    I have always preferred Opera on mobile devices. Looking forward to the updated version.

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