Run 26.2 miles to take away a Microsoft Band for free

Running, jogging or walking is a good habit to keep you fit. But if you can make it 26.2 miles, you get to win a Microsoft Band for free. The two companies – Microsoft and Runkeeper – have come together to give away Microsoft Band free to people who can make 26.2 miles before April 30, 2015.


RunKeeper offering free Microsoft Band

Do not let the figure scare you! Participants need not complete the 26.2 miles in one go. It can be done gradually, spread over the month of April. The entire distance has to be completed before April 30 2015. Participants need not be an Elite member of Runkeeper. They can just open a free account with Runkeeper and log in the number of miles they cover per day. They can use any type of device that supports Runkeeper to track their movements – run, jog or even walk.

Participants will need a Runkeeper account, free or paid, before they can start partaking into the contest. The number of Microsoft Bands to give away in this Marathon Challenge are limited. Hence, winners may be decided using a random lottery system. Since there would be many participants, Microsoft cannot give away a free Band to everyone who completes 26.2 miles and successfully logs that in his or her Runkeeper account.

There is an invisible condition, if we are to read the rules. The devices used to log the distance covered by running or walking has to support Runkeeper. So probably, they are promoting Runkeeper’s devices as well as Microsoft Band.

There is another issue, if you are a Windows Phone user. Runkeeper has official apps for iPhone and Android, but none for Windows Phone. There are third party apps that integrate into Runkeeper for Windows Phone. Some such third party apps are Caledus Runner, Run the Map, CatchMe, etc. You can install one of these third party apps on your Windows Phone and use it to log your running or walking to participate in the giveaway.

The contest is available for select countries. Click here to see if you can participate in the contest.

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