New Send To Kindle Button Comes to the Web

Reading documents and web content on Kindle will become easier than ever with the newest icon gifted from Amazon. Yes, Amazon yesterday announced new feature for Kindle owners, the “Send to Kindle Button” that lets them save the interested stories they spot on the Web for later reading on their Kindle device or app provided, the websites hosting such stories have adopted the feature/button.


So now, have an enjoyable reading experience. Send news articles, blogs posts and other web content to read them anytime, everywhere on Kindle devices or reading apps.

Adding the ‘send to Kindle’ button to your site will of course open up your website to millions of Kindle customers who would want to read your blog on their Kindle but, will publishers run to implement this feature? Who knows! Some popular websites for example, Washington Post has already implemented the feature.

In my hones opinion, it’s an attempt from online retail giant to create the “save” or “read later” button for content on the internet and increase user engagement with its famous e-Readers even in an offline setting. Amazon has listed simple instructions for publishers and bloggers to add the new button to their sites. The button if adopted, shows up along with other similar Facebook and Twitter “share” button on websites.

Send to Kindle Features

  • Readers can send posts to multiple Kindles at once.
  • Posts can be saved in the cloud and accessed anytime, everywhere.
  • Configure how the button will look and which page types it will appear on.
  • Use the shortcode [sendtokindle] to place a Send to Kindle button anywhere.

Go here to get the button!

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  1. Amazon are a bit late to the party and frankly just a little lame in their efforts. I’ve enjoyed a send to Kindle facility for any and all webpages for months thanks to the efforts of a clever bookmarklet scripter. And I didn’t need to put a button on my website nor gain the support of publishers to enjoy it.

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