Smoking Near Apple Computer Will Void Warranty !

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  1. The refusal to work on the computers is not because they believe the computer has been damaged by smoke. In both cases, they have apparently refused to work on those computers because the workers believe they have the right to a smoke free environment and the computers represent exposure to “second hand smoke” and are therefore “hazardous”… to the employees.

  2. Interesting take on “hazardous” and I’ll admit I lol’d at it. I think Apple should either put that in their warranty clause or get ready for a lawsuit or two… LOL
    Just one more reason to build your own pc. 😉

  3. @ASL4U “smoke free” obviously means just that, smoke free. You can “dip”, take nicotine lozengers, whatever you want to do, except smoke!

    But maybe i’m reading to deep into what you are saying. But then you must be implying that the techs are that stupid to believe that they will get second hand smoke from a computer that had been smoked around.

    But hey. what do i know. All my computers have fans in them that blow air out the machine.

    What are the terrorist going to do next, fill computers up with cig smoke and send them in for repair. News at 6, this just in, 10 techs came down with cancer from second hand smoke after fixing a computer.

  4. I can attest that Steve Jobs is right – I took apart my friends computer after him having it in his house for 6 months and smoking near it. The ENTIRE inside of the computer was covered in this thick black sludge. I returned it to him and told him he could fix it himself.

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