Snow Leopard to include an Antivirus!

Mac users may be happy to know that they will now no longer have to resort to using 3rd party antivirus solutions to protect their Mac from the increasing onslaught of malware, in recent times.

There are reports about an interesting security feature, in Snow Leopard, the new version of Mac OS X due for release this Friday.

mac anti-virus

According to reports, Snow Leopard contains an anti-malware feature.

One wonders just how serious Apple thinks the malware threat is, especially since their latest Get a Mac ads highlight the fact that PCs running Windows suffer from viruses… Happy

As the market share of any OS starts to increase, one can expect malware writers to start targetting it.

Windows has had a very large percentage of the OS market share, and thus it made sense for malware writers to target Windows only. But now that Mac share is said to be around 10%, one can expect more Mac malware attacks, as is being seen in the recent past.

Time for a reality check!

There are many antivirus solutions for Mac on offer nowadays. ClamXav, Virex, iAntiVirus, Intego VirusBarrier, McAfee VirusScan for Mac, MacScan, Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh, etc are some of the better known Mac anti-virus solutions a Mac user may want to check out.

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  1. t_sound

    increasing onslaught of malware? hehe, yeah….

  2. Rex

    I guess Mac will no longer be able to tom-tom the security angle now.

  3. t_sound

    It is encouraging however that apple are making moves now to help ensure the os remains relatively malware free as it increases in popularity, rather than waiting until it becomes a problem.

  4. NoName

    About time. Read the tech news lately? Experts are claiming that Apple’s security system is one of the weakest in the industry.

    So while Macs get less viruses now, wait until they gain more market share, then we will see who will fare better!

    Microsoft has already gone through apocalyptic hacker attacks and learned it’s lessons. Apple is still a rookie in this department.

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