Steve Ballmer talks about Bill Gates, Surface, Office 365, Bing, and more

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, had a lot to say in a recent interview. Ballmer is no longer working for Microsoft, but his influences are still felt in the company to this day, and that’s something one should not expect to change at any time.


In an interview with Bloomberg, Ballmer admits that he and Bill Gates didn’t get along while he was CEO. It was difficult managing Gates as he was not used to be maintained. Furthermore, he says he had no idea how to handle the Gates, so things did not go as planned for his early says in the CEO seat.

Now, after Bill Gates left, Ballmer said things began to move in a direction he was comfortable with. Gates was not there, so he had no distractions to useful the company where he felt it needed to go. Also, Ballmer made sure to claim he was the one who did what it takes to bring the Surface brand to market.

He also took credit for Bing, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure, all of which are making a lot of money for Microsoft. But with success, there are some unsuccessful moments while Ballmer was CEO. Vista and Windows Phone are just a few, and he took full responsibility for those failures. In fact, Ballmer believes if Vista weren’t a mess, the company would have had the time to focus its attention elsewhere.

As for the Nokia acquisition, the board was against the deal, but a change of heart happened, and Microsoft then decided to purchase the falling giant.

At the end of the day, Steve Ballmer might not have been the greatest CEO to run Microsoft, but he was effective in many areas. To be honest, this man is not being given the praise he deserves due to his strange actions, but this needs to change.

Source: Bloomberg.

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  1. pcf11x

    Steve Ballmer called Linux a virus, and after he did Linux spread like one too! Mr. Ballmer did more to proliferate Linux than anyone else ever has. So for that I thank him.

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