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5 Microsoft Kingpins spent their millions lavishly

Microsoft is filled with millionaire guys and gals, and rightfully so since the company is so successful. The question is, though, what do some of these millionaires/billionaires Microsoft faithful’s have done with their money over the years. Some of them […]

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Steve Ballmer wrote the text for the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote the text for the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen. The fact was revealed by Microsoft developer Raymond Chen in a personal blog post last week saying that Ballmer was not happy with the original text. So he decided […]


Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft’s Board

Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer has stepped down from the company’s Board, after buying the Los Angeles Clippers Baskteball team recently. Ballmer was working with Microsoft for 30 long years and led the company between 2000 till Feb 2014. The […]

Emotional Ballmer says, We have unbelievable potential & destiny…

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corp bid goodbye at his last annual company meeting of the organization, amongst thousands of employees who came in from Microsoft’s east side campus of Lake Washington and around 25,000 of them connected through […]

Stephen Elop is an internal CEO candidate: Steve Ballmer

As the next Microsoft CEO race gained momentum, there came news of Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services division for US $7.17 billion followed by mass transfer of all the working executives and employees in this division from Nokia to […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire in 12 months

In an unexpected announcement, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he will be retiring from his present role as the company’s CEO within 12 month from now, indicating the start of the process for choosing his successor. “There is never […]

Steve Ballmer honored as a Top 100 CEO

STEMconnector, a source which includes wealth of information and is considered as the One-Stop for “who” is doing “what” has come up with the official list of its 100 CEO Leaders in STEM publication. The publication lists some 100 corporate […]

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Steve Ballmer contemplates major restructuring in Microsoft

In a move that can be termed as showing lot of assurance to its shareholders and investors, Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer is said to be working on restructuring Microsoft into a more “devices and services” company rather than just focusing […]

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Ex-Microsoft employee launches tell-all book; wants Steve Ballmer to quit!

Of late, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may have a lot to ponder about. If rumours about his leadership insecurity being a reason for Windows boss Steven Sinofsky’s departure from Microsoft were not enough, CNBC called him the second worse CEO in 2012. […]

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Steve Ballmer to deliver keynote at CES 2012

When it comes to Steve Ballmer, one thing I enjoy a lot is repeatedly watching his ‘dance’ and his ‘developer-mania’ speech! This gentleman is just amazing, he is one of a kind. He does something which no one at that […]

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Ballmer: We have our hammer, while Apple had its own hammer!

Steve Ballmer gave a spirited defense of the Microsoft’s strategy and the future of its Windows operating system, following an assertion from Steve Jobs earlier that personal computers that run it are in permanent decline.

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Ballmer unconcerned about Apple’s rise

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on Thursday said he was unconcerned that his company had been overtaken by rival Apple as the world’s biggest technology firm in terms of market value.