Swabr Microblogging site, lets you connect with colleagues free

If you run an enterprise and are looking for a platform to stay connected with your employees, you must give Swabr a try. Swabr is a German microblogging service.


Swabr is an enterprise microblogging service especially designed to improve communications within a company. It helps connecting people, content, conversations and business information in one single place. Providing the employees of a company with a space to exchange information and credentials, this service helps the companies establishing a network for their employees and improving the communication among them.

The entire staff of a company can create the professional profile on Swabr and check the progress report of any running or upcoming project in real time. It can also be the best platform to post the enquiries and solutions.

Swabr allows the users to create a professional profile with their photo, credentials, work experience and expertise. It also allows the users to share the links, files and images without padding them in the emails with CCs. Company circulars and documents can be shared with the employees by selecting a group.


Swabr : Enterprise Microblogging

There are a few of other social networking websites being used by internet fanatics, like Facebook and Twitter but Swabr is entirely different. It can actually be considered as a successful symbiosis between a social networking website like Facebook and microblogging site like Twitter which allows only short messages of a definite length.

Swabr allow the companies to open its own closed and private network for employees with verified credentials, photo and email ids. The best part about Swabr is its strong privacy system which is subjected to German data protection regulations.

In a nutshell, it is a free, simple and intuitive source to increase productivity, encourage teamwork and employees engagement in a company.

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