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Yandex launches Yandex.Disk, a free file storage service

After the initial invite-only policy, Yandex’s free cloud storage offering, Yandex.Disk has dropped the earlier restriction and now invites all users to visit the site and access its services without an invitation. Yandex Disk Yandex.Disk is a web site for […]

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Russia’s search engine launches Yandex Browser for Windows

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine has launched its very own browser called the … you guessed it … Yandex Browser. The browser has been developed based on Chromium open source code and is very simple one with minimalistic looks. Yandex […]

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Microsoft replaces Bing with Yandex as default search in Windows Phone

Microsoft has decided to replace its own Bing Search with Russia;s most popular search engine Yandex, as the default search engine on Windows Phone mobile devices to be sold in Russia. Yandex has partnered with Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft […]