TeamViewer enhances security; rolls out 2 new features

TeamViewer appears to be in the denial mode over the recent controversy that revealed its customers’ accounts were hacked. The service suggested that the issue was related to the recent leak of account information from MySpace and Tumblr. In an attempt to assure its users about security, Team Viewer rolled out two new protective features for the popular remote desktop software – Trusted Devices and Protecting Data Integrity.

TeamViewer accounts getting hacked

TeamViewer – New security features

The first in the release is Trusted Devices. The feature adds a confirmation process to devices. If signing for the first time, the app displays an in-app notification seeking approval of the new device. All the user needs to do is click on a link that the company sends to the associated email account of the customer.

the second in the list is ‘Protecting Data Integrity’. The protective measure monitors a user’s account for any suspicious activity to verify if the account has been compromised or not. If the feature senses something unusual and realizes the account has been compromised, it will mark reset the account password for protection to block the attacker from using it further.

The steps associated with the procedure to reset the password will be automatically delivered to the email account of the user.

TeamViewer already has several features that strengthen the account security. In addition, the above two features add an extra layer of security to the account.

To maintain security, it is advisable to follow these steps:

  1. Protect the user account you own – Use unique and secure passwords. If possible, frequently change them. Ensure you have reliable anti-malware installed on your system or have appropriate security solutions in place.
  2. Use 2-Factor Authentication method – One of the most promising security features is 2-factor Authentication. 2FA as it’s commonly abbreviated, adds an extra step to your basic log-in procedure. In theory, this makes your account more secure.

Stay safe!

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