The Giving Pledge, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has launched an initiative “The Giving Pledge” where around 40 of the richest people in the world have come together and pledged to donate a  majority of their inheritance to charitable foundations.

The Giving Pledge is an effort to invite the wealthiest individuals and families in America to commit to giving a majority of their wealth to philantropy.

Say Bill & Melinda Gates:

The idea of the pledge came out of discussions we had with other givers about what they were doing, about what had worked in philanthropy and what had not worked. Everyone shared how giving had made their lives richer.  Everyone who attended was inspired by listening to the others’ passion and encouraged to do even more.

For the two of us, because we see amazing progress every day, but also, how much more work remains, we’re honored to be a part of this pledge effort.

For more visit: The Giving Pledge.

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