The Green Button get a new home at Microsoft Windows Experts Community website

Microsoft has launched a new site called Windows Experts Community which is a new online home for enthusiasts and power users. It’s an online community  to contribute and  collaborate with the experts. There is a huge pool of smart people in the Windows community and this is the place to bring them all together.

If you’re looking for advice, want to discuss the latest in tech news or have some knowledge to share, this is the place for you.

There are 3 major scenario areas in the Windows Experts community forum:

  • Communicating, Sharing and Synchronizing with Windows Live
  • Windows Entertainment and Connected Home
  • Personalizing, Configuring and Using Windows

The forum has been developed smartly as required, as you browse one of these areas, you can see all the most recent posts from all the forums in this particular area. You can also click the Browse Forums drop-down to see just the posts from a specific forum. You can also see the Most Popular posts in the sidebar.

Apart from Forums, there’s an interesting addition a Wiki – Community knowledge store where experts can share their knowledge , link back to their blogs and site for more related info.

If you remember there was a site called Clubhouse which used to pull content from users blog/site, so this Wiki can be considered as a better replacement.

And the content and users of are also redirected to the ‘Windows Entertainment and Connected Home’ Forum here. was acquired by Microsoft over two years ago. The whole site has been moved here to its new home. The Green Button will now be a sub community of this Windows Experts Community.

And there’s a smart Badge system which displays various badges according to the user status as Post count etc. Share your knowledge with a Wiki article  and you’ll earn the Wiki badge.

Apart from Windows Experts Community, other official sites, Microsoft Answers and Windows Live Help Center and Solution Center will continue to offer any support or help required. As the site is just launched, one may come across some hiccups, so please be patient and these will be streamlined in due course.

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