TRAI exposes email IDs of millions; Anonymous India takes down the website

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  1. Jeb Bush is the Governor of India, too? (Recently, he was in our USA media for having similarly released a lot of people’s email addresses.) Anyway, sometimes there can be slip-ups, even if not intentional; for this reason, there are over time a lot of places where I use one of those browser extensions offering to “mask” email when I communicate with/through them…the kind that, if you start to get trolls or spam, you can just hit “block” and poof! Never heard from again, no email to hack into. If people in India want to use internet to support net neutrality, using such a forwarding extension might be a good idea; maybe TWC could run/rerun an article on such services. Hope this helps over there; cheers!

  2. Thank you Dan for recommending the same. We would definitely look at covering such services.

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