Translator App for Microsoft Office Store launching today

Today is International Translation Day, and on this occasion, Microsoft is going to launch a Translator App for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint users. Microsoft feels that with the growing technology, the world is coming closer and language should not be a barrier anymore. Microsoft has already proved this point with the success of Bing Translator, which is used each day by people across 187 countries, which covers almost 95% of all countries of the world. Further, the Translation API by Microsoft is used by more than 80,000 developers and the Bing Bar is used daily by millions of people for instant translation of Web pages.


Translator App for Microsoft Office

Microsoft feels proud in connecting the world together with Bing, and now it has come up with the Translator app for its Office Store, which can be utilized by PowerPoint and Word users. With its built-in functionality of expanding on top, this new Translator app will enable the user to select any text for instant translation.

The app will also prove useful for organizations that used to build the Microsoft Translator Hub, because now they can fully utilize the custom translation system, within Office itself. Atpresent, Microsoft users across the world translate around 1.3 million characters on an hourly basis, with the help of the built-in translation features.


It’s a known fact that every month, on an average of 99 customized translation systems are put together with the help of the Microsoft Translator Hub, which has made it possible for various businesses and worldwide communities to create, enhance and position their own translation systems and continue to further improve the quality of translation of the established languages, along with so many other languages not supported by the main translation providers.

We won’t be surprised if in the next language translation phase, Microsoft comes up with something like the ‘Star Trek’ universal Translator. (Did you know Klingon is among the languages Bing supports?)

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