TweetDeck gets a new look with improved usability

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Vasudev G. is a Technology Enthusiast. He is a Windows Insider MVP and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products.


  1. Robert Nielsen

    Would be nice to try it…but HOW?? Don’t see any download links or updates in the Tweetdeck app.

  2. Robert Nielsen

    Cool, thanks, Anand. Now if the desktop app would get updated to the same interface, that’d be awesome. 🙂

  3. vasudev

    Thanks for adding that! 🙂

  4. Gary Fenton

    I stopped using this when Twitter bought it. It used to be a stand-alone program that you could also monitor other social sites like Facebook. Now it’s just for Twitter and uses your browser. I’m now using Hootsuite. I keep a separate browser just for it and can include monitoring/responding to many sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

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