IE users are dumb story: Bogus study from a bogus company!

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Study: Internet Explorer users are the dumbest; Opera users, the smartest


  1. Hi Anand,
    Good to see a change in the appearance of TWC. In a way, i am sad, ’cause i had got pretty used to the old one. But though the previous looks were good, this does appear to be better. It appears to load faster and is easier to my eyes. Change for the better is always appreciated and welcome.

  2. Yes, although I too had got used to the old appearance, I thought it was time to move on, make things faster and more friendly for the readers. Hence this minimalistic-lean-mean appearence. 🙂

  3. i agree, that new design is much better than the previous one, i’m not saying that the old one was bad
    btw, about that IE users are ………..
    well, i can’t say that they are not, but opera users are the smartest? what happened to chrome and firefox?

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