Verizon merges Yahoo and Verizon into a new company called Oath

After acquiring Yahoo Verizon is merging Yahoo and AOL into a new company called Oath. AOL has been the pioneers when it comes to internet technology and recently was part and parcel of the Yahoo deal. The Verizon deal was work in progress from quite some time and the Yahoo security compromises only delayed the deal further, now, however, the deal has been officiated and Verizon gains control of Yahoo’s core web assets, Yahoo and AOL.

OathYahoo + AOL = Oath

Yes, now Yahoo will be renamed as Oath Mail and perhaps one day in the future we might log in to Oath Mail and Oath services every day! Well that being said most of the Twitter users have been mocking the new name and well Oath doesn’t seem to resonate well with technology.

Yahoo has officially not confirmed the rebranding and had in fact issued a tweet that read, “In the summer of 2017, you can bet we will be launching one of the most disruptive brand companies in digital.” Now it’s not difficult to guess that the Tweet refers to Oath which might make its first appearance in a few months from now.

Verizon is yet to publicly announce its plans after the Yahoo acquisition it remains to be seen if Verizon will retain the Yahoo branding on any of its products or rebrand all of the products. Verizon is also expected to crank up the advertising potential of Yahoo and try to rake in the maximum revenue while embarking on a journey of creating new tools for millennial.

Verizon has lowered its original offer to $4.48 Billion in February this year and the $350 million cut was due to the cyber attacks on Yahoo. Verizon also insisted that Yahoo’s Brand value was still high even after the attacks and thus decided to close the deal.

Source: Twitter.

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