Latest Yahoo news.

Yahoo and AOL get Microsoft’s Bing as the exclusive search ad platform

Since the last few years, Microsoft has partnered with Yahoo (now owned by Verizon Media Group) to use Bing for their search results. Today, they have announced that they are expanding this partnership with Verizon Media Group. Microsoft & Verizon […]


Yahoo Messenger service to shut down next month

In earlier times, Yahoo! Messenger was one of the most widely used platforms for communication, but more robust and modern alternatives like Facebook Messenger and other live chat plugins have lessened its appeal. As such, the company has decided to […]

Yahoo Pipes

Pipes is the new Yahoo Pipes alternative being launched

Yahoo Pipes, the web application from Yahoo and discontinued in 2015, now has a replacement. Pipes has been launched with new features. Yahoo Pipes was a web application used by the developers and programmers to manipulate, aggregate and mashup content from […]

Verizon merges Yahoo and Verizon into a new company called Oath

After acquiring Yahoo Verizon is merging Yahoo and AOL into a new company called Oath. AOL has been the pioneers when it comes to internet technology and recently was part and parcel of the Yahoo deal. The Verizon deal was […]

Yahoo to become Altaba; Marissa Mayer to leave the board

While the deal of $4.8 billion between Yahoo and Verizon Communications is still uncertain, Yahoo still has some plans for what remains post deal. Yahoo made an announcement yesterday that six executives would be leaving its board of directors. To […]

Hacker allegedly puts 200 million Yahoo account credentials up for sale

Yahoo! Inc. stated that it’s investigating an alleged security breach after a hacker that goes by the handle “peace_of_mind,” claimed to have advertised 200 million Yahoo users credentials for sale on the Dark Web for 3 Bitcoins or $1,860, which […]

Yahoo to stop support for Messenger; to discontinue Recommends

Yahoo Messenger has been one of the treasured things of my first encounters with the Internet. It was during the 2000’s that I found myself hooked to the Yahoo Messenger and we as a group of friends also had a […]


Yahoo to discontinue Maps, Pipes by end of June

Yahoo will soon be shutting down a few of its services, including Yahoo Maps. Yahoo Q2 2015 Progress Report has been released which states that Yahoo will be discontinuing its major services Yahoo Maps and Pipes services soon. Yahoo Maps […]

New Termination Clause changes the Yahoo-Bing Search Deal

A new clause has been added to the Microsoft – Yahoo Search Deal. According to this new clause, either of the two parties, i.e. Yahoo or Microsoft, can terminate the partnership any time, on or after October 1st. The amendment […]

Yahoo Profile Pulse

Yahoo Pulse or Yahoo Profile is no longer active

A couple of months back Yahoo had announced that they would be shutting down Yahoo Profile, earlier called as Yahoo Pulse. This seems to have happened now, as if you visit or, you will see a message “Yahoo […]

Microsoft and Yahoo amend Search Partnership

After a few months of negotiations, Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc. have finally decided to update their search partnership for better search results and to create value for advertisers. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corp. said in a statement, “Our global […]

Microsoft and Yahoo planning a search alliance breakup?

A search alliance agreement signed in 2010, between the two companies allowed Yahoo Inc to use Microsoft Bing’s search technology replacing their own search engine and Yahoo’s search-based advertising system were powered by Microsoft. But recent developments indicate that Yahoo […]

Yahoo launches On-demand Passwords

Passwords are the digital keys to our virtual kingdom and analysts always suggest keeping a different password for all our IDs and accounts. Remembering the passwords for all our internet accounts is one of the biggest challenges today for the […]

Yahoo completes 20 years

Yahoo! helps you discover the news and information you care about quickly and easily. The company has seen better days and also survived through some turbulent times. In the transformation process, it has tried to evolve into something more useful […]

Yahoo Search to become the default search for Firefox

Replacing the leading search engine Google, Yahoo has now become the default search engine of Firefox browser in the U.S. Ending its decade long partnership with Google Inc., Mozilla Corp. today announced its new partnership with Yahoo Inc. for next five […]


Facebook and Yahoo develop new method to handle recycled email addresses

Last year we covered about Yahoo releasing inactive Yahoo IDs and making them available for new users.  Microsoft, too, has been recycling inactive email accounts. However the act of releasing inactive IDs has raised concerns of intruders using deleted […]


Yahoo! to shutdown Yahoo Directory, Education and Qwiki

Yahoo Directory along with the services like Yahoo Education and Qwiki will retire in next few months. Yahoo today announced that it is ending its 20 years old service Yahoo Directory, movie making app Qwiki and educational portal Yahoo Education […]

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Use the latest browser version or get switched to Yahoo Basic Mail

It is an update in Yahoo Mail’s browser policy that users will now need to switch to latest browser versions or they will be directed to Yahoo Basic Mail. According to this update, Yahoo Mail’s supported web browser policy is […]

Do Not Track

Yahoo sites to ignore Do Not Track browser settings

Following the footsteps of Google and Facebook, Yahoo has announced that it will no longer be adhering to Do Not Track setting on the browser. This effectively means that regardless of whether users have enabled “Do Not Track” or not, […]

Yahoo ad server hacked, thousands of people affected

Yahoo ad server is distributing malicious codes to its users. Two security firms have found that the juggernaut seem to have had its ad server hacked, and as a result over 27,000 users are becoming a victim of this vicious […]

Yahoo Mail celebrates 16th birthday; Offers disposable email IDs, etc

Yahoo Mail has turned 16, and on this special occasion, the service has got a major update. Among several changes and giveaways, the redesigned interface, changes made to the functionality, and giveaway of premium Mail Plus features to the regular […]

Security loophole emerges in Yahoo recycled Email IDs

In June this year Yahoo announced that it will be deactivating the email accounts which haven’t been used for past 6 months and will make them available to other users. Although their intention was all nice and noble, this however couldn’t […]

New Yahoo! Toolbar for IE, Firefox, Chrome launched

Yahoo! some months ago shut down Yahoo Axis, Alta Vista and a handful of other offerings from Yahoo! but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of the team as it has now decided to come up with a brand-new browser toolbar. […]

Yahoo to close several services including AltaVista, FoxyTunes, Axis

Under the leadership of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! has seen some new and big changes coming into place then be it the redesign of ‘Flickr’ or the acquisition of ‘Tumblr’. Now, the company has geared up for some cleaning work, it […]