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Android malware spread via compromised Yahoo! Accounts

In most cases, hacked websites are believed to be the main source of malware infection but recent research has proved that spam sent from compromised email accounts too, contributes to the spread of infection. Spam sent from compromised accounts is […]

Yahoo Launches LocalWorks, a Listing Management Tool

Yahoo has something special for small business users this Small Business Week. Yahoo, the leading search engine has launched LocalWorks; a special tool for small business users to help them manage their online listings. This tool gives small businesses the […]


Yahoo defends its decision to release inactive Yahoo! Mail IDs

Yahoo recently said that it was freeing up inactive mail IDs and releasing them back to the public. It had announced that it would free-up Yahoo ID’s that have been inactive for at least 12 months. Such ID’s will then […]

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, et all deny involvement in PRISM Spying Program

A confidential report obtained by the Washington Post reveals that via a $20 million data collection program known as PRISM, many US-based Internet companies like Google Facebook, Yahoo, PalTalk and other bigwigs like Apple and Microsoft have leaked their users […]

Yahoo! acquires Tumblr for US $1.1 billion

The rumor mongers won this time as Yahoo! indeed went ahead and acquired blogging service Tumblr for US $1.1 billion. Tumblr was suffering from a financial deficit of late and Yahoo!’s acquisition might just give it a shot in its […]

22 million IDs stolen by hackers, suspects Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan suspects an unauthorized attempt to access the administrative system of their web portal. As per the reports posted by Yahoo Japan, up to 22 million users IDS are leaked during the suspected hack. The Japanese news agency Kyodo News […]

New Yahoo home page gets a Modern look

Yahoo today announced the launch of a new design for its home page. Sporting a modern look, and designed to be more intuitive and personal, Yahoo promises a seamless experience while checking the latest news, sports scores or just searching. […]

Yahoo! finally shuts down its operations in South Korea

As a part of restructuring and bring back the firm to its past form, Yahoo! announced last month it would be closing its offices in South Korea at the end of 2012. The company has done so! Yahoo! today closed […]

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Yahoo teams up with AVG to provide secure search

Yahoo today announced that it was partnering with AVG, the Internet Security Providers, to provide safe and secure search to its consumers. The new Search & Distribution relationship between the two companies would  help provide Internet users with peace of mind […]

Yahoo fined $2.7 Billion by Mexican Court

Yahoo! the US Internet giant has been ordered by a Mexican court to pay a huge amount of $2.7bn in fines. The struggling Internet Company has however issued a defiant response to the ruling claiming the verdict is without merit. […]

Yahoo XSS Exploit On Sale At $700 – Yahoo Mail Users At Risk

If you use Yahoo mail, better think for a minute before clicking any link in your email. Millions of Yahoo mail users have been now put at risk. If anyone wants to hijack Yahoo email account, there is a new exploit available for […]

Yahoo! lets you track U.S Presidential elections real-time

All eyes and ears are on the political circuit in United States of America as incumbent President Barack Obama fights a tight battle against Governor Mitt Romney in order to gain another term at the White House as the President […]

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Microsoft Advertising renamed as Yahoo Bing Network; adCenter as Bing Ads

Microsoft has renamed Microsoft Advertising as Yahoo Bing Network. Yahoo Bing Network will now be the new official name for their combined search marketplace. The adCenter platform will henceforth be called as Bing Ads. Today we are pleased to introduce […]

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Bing Search will now power Yahoo Search in India and 5 EU countries

It was just last week that Yahoo had announced that they had transitioned their algorithmic results to Microsoft in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Peru and Venezuela. This week, 6 more countries have been added. Now Yahoo searches in India, […]

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Follow every catch, every six on the cool IE9 powered Yahoo! Cricket

For a cricket crazy nation with 1.2 billion cricketholics who eat, drink and breathe cricket, Internet Explorer 9 presents a unique opportunity of getting a quicker, richer web experience on Yahoo! Cricket through the unique ‘Cricket Tab’.

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Yahoo! Clues relaunched

Yahoo! Clues, the free service from Yahoo which lets you explore what users are searching for on Yahoo search, has been re-launched.

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Microsoft, Google, Yahoo partner for better search results.

Yes you read it right! Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo and Google have joined hands to improve web search results. These companies have launched a new website which consists of a common set of HTML tags that webmasters would use to mark […]

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Hotmail decides to take Yahoo Mail head on; launches new website

With tons of new features in the new Hotmail, the Hotmail team is committed to making Hotmail the world’s best email service.  Microsoft has now decided to aggressively market the Hotmail brand and launched a new website has been launched […]

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Yahoo Buzz to shut down

Yahoo Buzz has finally created some buzz after all! Yahoo has told the Buzz users that the service will lo longer be available after 21 April.