Yahoo launches On-demand Passwords

Passwords are the digital keys to our virtual kingdom and analysts always suggest keeping a different password for all our IDs and accounts. Remembering the passwords for all our internet accounts is one of the biggest challenges today for the computer users. With the latest announcement made at Yahoo, you don’t need to remember the passwords for your Yahoo accounts at least.

Yahoo On-demand PasswordsYahoo On-demand Passwords

The company has announced its latest approach, ‘on-demand passwords’. A system that sends you a unique code whenever you want to login to your account. The program first sends you a unique code via SMS when you want to sign-in to your account and when you enable the program, you will see a button ‘Send my password’ on your login page. Just a single click on that button and the program will text you the password on the linked mobile number.

The program now let you demand the password every time you want to access the account, relieving you from the pressure of remembering the tough passwords. Just a few steps to follow and you can login to your account with a new password every time.

  • Sign-in to your account.
  • Click on your name at the top right corner to go to your account information page.
  • Select “Security” in the left bar.
  • Click on the slider for “On-demand passwords” to opt-in.
  • Enter your phone number and Yahoo will send you a verification code.
  • Enter the code and voila!

The ‘On-Demand Passwords’ feature is available only for the US users for now, says Yahoo.

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