Yahoo Pulse or Yahoo Profile is no longer active

A couple of months back Yahoo had announced that they would be shutting down Yahoo Profile, earlier called as Yahoo Pulse. This seems to have happened now, as if you visit or, you will see a message

“Yahoo Profile ( is no longer active”.

Yahoo Profile Pulse

By now, you might have come across this message while trying to edit your profile on Yahoo. Yes, Yahoo Pulse or Yahoo Profile in no longer active.


For users, it is not related to your Yahoo account. It’s the information that your profile had, and from here on, as a user, you will not be able to view information about others.

Why was Yahoo Profile discontinued

Yahoo Profile evolved through Yahoo 360. Years back, Yahoo had a useful service called as Yahoo 360 which allowed users to share photos, maintain blogs, and create and share profile with others. After a while, Yahoo 360 was replaced with a more organized Yahoo Pulse.

Similar to Yahoo 360, through Yahoo Pulse users could share updates, photos, blog posts and more with colleagues, classmates, family and friends. Yahoo Pulse also had feature to link to third-party social network sites. However, Yahoo Pulse revealed too much information about the users and was replaced by Yahoo Profiles which did not allow users to put much information about them.

With too little information to share, Yahoo Profile was never really a hit with the users. Yahoo also cited the same reason for shutting Yahoo profiles down. It mentioned,

“Yahoo Profile was created to let you view public info about others. With Yahoo, you could check out profile pictures, nicknames, and comment histories as well as manage your own publically visible settings. It never quite took off. Very few people look at other people’s public profiles, so we’re focusing on the things that matter to you by discontinuing unused features”.

Yahoo says that some part of the Profile info might be moved to the Account Settings however, it did not define what information will be moved and what will be trashed.  Also, some part of the setting will remain unavailable until this shift is in progress.

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