Vivaldi browser launches its new version 1.2 with smarter tab options

Vivaldi, the Chrome-based Google-free web browser has launched its new version 1.2 with smarter tab options, more customization features and mouse gestures. Targeted at the avid internet users, Vivaldi 1.2 is the third upgrade since its launch in April. Vivaldi Technologies, the Norwegian firm updates

Vivaldi Technologies, the Norwegian firm updates the browser every six weeks and keeps adding features based on the feedback from their millions of active users. While other web browsers tend to strip off the offerings so as to simply the browsing experience, Vivaldi aims to bring a more customizable and feature-rich web browser for power users.

Vivaldi 1.2 Featurescustom_gesture

Vivaldi 1.2 comes with a prettier design, a few more keyboard shortcuts, Bookmark button animation, and improved accessibility. Some other new features include-

  • Make Your Own Mouse Gestures– While Vivaldi already has its preset group of mouse gestures; the latest version allows users to create and set their own custom mouse gestures. The new gestures can be set from Settings menu. You just need to trace your custom path for a gesture and that’s it!
  • Better and smarter tabs- The new tab feature allows users to open a new tab with any of their desired web page. It also lets you set the keyboard shortcuts for the selected or multiple tabs. One can also apply any command to whole group of tabs.
  • Custom zoom level – The Vivaldi 1.2 comes with a custom zoom tool which lets you set the zoom level of your browser. You can now zoom your page u to 500%.
  • New language Catalan– With the additional of Catalan, Vivaldi web browser now supports 52 languages.

While this is the third upgrade in the last two months, the company is still working 0n adding more features and improve the functionality. There is also a plan to add an integrated email client soon.

Former CEO and founder of Opera CEO, Jon von Tetzchner said in a statement, “We’re on a mission to make the most customizable web browser, because a browser that adapts to you will be the best browser for you”. “Giving options isn’t about adding on unnecessary things, it’s about giving choice and control back to the user. That’s why you can make your own mouse gestures, edit shortcuts, and generally build your own browser to work just the way you like it”, he further added.

You can read the full changelog here.

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