WebP, a new image format from Google

As a new initiative from Google to make the web faster, they have introduced many tools like Page Speed etc. Now to make the web appearance look stylish, they have come up with the new image format for the web named WebP. There are many image formats on the web such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.

The engineers at Google have decided to come out the new image format. This format does not lose the quality when images get compressed. At the same time the images should preserve the quality and resolution.

The new image format, WebP, promises to significantly reduce the byte size of photos on the web, allowing web sites to load faster than before. It provides a faster user experience on your site, reducing the bandwidth and also improving the web.

Google claim that WebP can compress image files 40% smaller than rival format JPEG. Google come up with WebP which is based on Google’s own open-source VP8 codec. When Google claim 65 % of the web page data transferred consists of image files this format surely deserves attention.

As of now, you can use WebP to convert images in Linux. For Windows users it is coming soon. On Linux, you can convert files from BMP, JPEG, PNG image formats to the all new Google WebP image format using command line interface.

webpconv [-output_dir dir] [-format format] [-quality quality] input_file(s)

Download Page : WebP

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  1. A WebP converter for Windows was released last week. Converter executable and source code is available at http://web.codeplex.com/.


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